What is Restarrt?

Restart’s entire purpose is to support, through coaching and workshops on both a personal and business level, anyone who really wants to develop their potential in order to reach their goals and face their challenges. Those who want to go through this process will obtain a better self-knowledge and self-understanding as well as an enlarged perspective of how they perceive and reflect on their goals and life events. In fact, they will find real motivation and purpose, the best current solutions, and they will reach performance and even excellency on a long-term basis, if they really want it.

Who is this for?

Through coaching and workshops, Restart is for those who:

  • Want to know themselves better for a harmonious, yet fulfilled life;

  • Want to discover their talent and have an impact in our world;

  • Want to live in integrity;

  • Are curious and want to push their limits;

  • Are open and communicative;

  • Want to invest in themselves and in their lives.

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Laura listens with her soul, she is with you 200% and for you, the whole being is engaged and follow one single goal: YOUR GOOD. It feels comfortable when she covers you with her warmth and guides you gently to your soul. You are a wonderful human being, my dear Laura, I embrace you with my heart!

Mihaela R.

Laura was by my side as a coach in the transition I had in my career. When I met Laura, I was scared of the path in front of me, but decided I wanted to succeed. She was with me with the right questions, and she helped me find my own solutions for professional challenges I had. She gave me the feedback, played role partner, encouraged me, helped me, and gave me the right support. After 3 months of sessions once a week or twice a month, I realized that many mindsets had been changed and I knew what I had to do.

Luminita C

Laura is a very special person! A true professional, very dedicated to her work and eager to help. The sessions with her helped me to develop and to discover myself. As a result of the coaching sessions, things became clearer and simpler; I had viable solutions to my problems, and the plans and objectives imposed by her guided me very easily towards my goals. I recommend Laura with great warmth to those who want to overcome their own obstacles, as well as to develop and to learn new things about themselves.

Bogdana B.